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"I’ve woken up without tension in my lower back for the first time in ages, Ellie has worked wonders on my back and it’s wonderfully convenient to have someone come to your home. Thank you Ellie!"


"Ellie has been and continues to treat my 8 year old daughter who suffers ADHD and anxiety. I cannot begin to tell you how much she has helped. She calms our daughter within minutes of starting her ‘magic’ (as my daughter calls it!) to speaking and explaining things in such a way that our daughter can comprehend.


She uses the techniques Ellie has shown her to assist her whenever she feels angry or starts to reach a point of no return including at school. Since the beginning of her treatments I have seen a significant difference in her and she is generally happier and more in control and I can’t thank Ellie enough."


Since starting treatment with Ellie my MS related brain fig has eased greatly and I would thoroughly endorse all of her treatments for a wide range of problems. Friendly and professional service.


"I won a Clear & Calm treatment with Ellie through an Instagram competition.

Ellie was prompt to contact me and after a delay because of lockdown, I finally went along for the treatment. Not knowing what to expect, I was welcomed by the lovely Ellie into her cosy treatment room at the Hair Workshop in Southborough. Ellie talked through the treatment, explaining everything it entailed and answering any questions, putting me very much at ease.


Using an amazing blend of essential oils along with hot towels, massage on my face and neck to aid lymphatic drainage, head massage and also incorporating Hopi ear candles, the treatment was not only like nothing I’d ever had before, but also deeply relaxing and the oils definitely cleared my head!
I really enjoyed the treatment and literally floated out of the room - I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a blissful hour of relaxation, but also think it would be great if you’re feeling a bit run down, blocked-up and coldy for a lovely pep-up and head clearing.
Many thanks Ellie for my lovely prize!"


"I went and saw Ellie as I was having issues with my back and hips. When I arrived she asked me lots of questions to figure out what was going on. During the treatment she explained everything.

Once the treatment was over I just thought wow my back and hips feel great. I didn’t realise how tight my back and it was effecting my breathing.

Can’t thank Ellie enough for making me feel better and would highly recommend her to anyone."


"Highly recommend this fabulous lady. If like me you’re in pain and need help but feel like you’ve never been listened too or found treatment that is actually helping then get booking this extremely talented lady.


Don’t expect miracles over night but instantly I felt better. Sore the next morning but looking forward to my follow up appointment!! Highly recommend!!


"Fantastic as always! Helped me a lot with my back problems can’t recommend enough. Thank you Ellie.


"Exceptional service! couldn't recommend enough!"

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