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Maintaining a healthy equilibrium internally is vital in giving us a healthy external... the lymphatic system is crucial to our everyday health and wellbeing.

At On Point BSMT we do not believe in a one size fits all approach and take pride in ensuring each client we see benefits from our extensive knowledge and wide range of treatments to provide solutions to your specific needs and requirements.

We include a free 30 minute consultation with your first visit so we can discuss what you want and need from us to maximise results and get to the root cause of any discomfort as quickly and efficiently as possible for you.

Whether you are seeking assistance with day-to-day discomfort, niggling sports injuries, chronic pain, auto immune or respiratory illness or maybe you just want some escapism and TLC – we’re here to help.

Building upon our foundation in traditional sports and massage therapy, we have recently expanded our knowledge and skills and have done extensive training on the lymphatic system and the Vagus nerve, and how crucial it is to our every day health and well-being. This system of the human body is extensively overlooked and the vast majority of us don’t even know what it is.


The lymphatic system is important to help keep a healthy internal equilibrium which in turn gives us a healthy external. The body will show us that it has an internal problem with various symptoms at varying levels, pain and/or discomfort being the first thing we will take note of as well as any skin reaction.


The reason for this is because it simply ‘hurts’ or we can visually see it and are uncomfortable with it. Just take a moment to imagine the chaos that is happening inside the body which is what we cannot see!

In simple terms, the lymphatic system is part of our immune and circulatory system. It comprises of a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted debris.


Lymph is a fluid that contains infection-fighting cells which breakdown bacteria, viruses, damaged cells including cancer cells, which connect to clusters of lymph nodes that act as the filter. It also maintains fluid levels in our body tissues by removing all fluids that leak out of our blood vessels.


The Lymphatic System

The diagram shows that the system flows throughout the whole body - in fact, we have over 700 lymph nodes in total, that’s a lot of lymph! Except for cartilage, nails and hair, your entire body is swimming in lymph! If you suffer with chronic pain or any auto immune condition, your body could really do with some assistance, if you are unsure whether this is something that could assist you or if you simply have a question, then please don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation.


Have you tried every avenue to feel better and nothing seems to work and test results continue to come back ‘normal’?

Or have you just accepted that feeling awful is just the way it is for you now?


Honestly, and I can speak from my own experiences, you do not have to suffer. Looking outside the box and checking your lymphatic system is functioning properly may just be the answer. On Point BSMT can help you with this. Our approach to helping solve this issue is simple yet can have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing, and we are excited to share with you the knowledge and give you take away tools that you can utilise yourself to maintain a healthy lymphatic system.

Lymphatic treatment and stimulating the Vegus nerve can also be performed on babies to maintain a healthy lymph system right from the start! We would love to spread the love for your little ones. Teaching them young on how to look after the inside of their bodies is just as important as brushing their teeth, which we teach is how we maintain their health – it’s the same principle! Its never too late to start learning about this and how you can help yourself get and feel amazing.

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