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Sports Therapy
BSc Hons.
University of Chichester

Certified Massage Practitioner

Stop Chasing Pain
Lymphatic & Vagus Nerve Certified


I started my career in Sports & Massage Therapy almost 20 years ago and my passion for getting positive results for my clients by taking a bespoke approach to treatment has only grown in that time – I’ll never tire of seeing people hobble in and bounce out of my treatment room.

With much of 2020 spent at home unable to see clients, I have used this time to expand my skill set into lymphatic massage treatment, which is a low impact and highly effective method of treating chronic pain and autoimmune disorders. My work is adapted to treat babies to more senior patients which brings on a new challenge each day, but that’s what I love most about this line of work, no two days are the same.

Anxiety and depression have sadly hit an all time high during the worldwide pandemic, and one of my passions is to assist those who don’t know where to turn and are struggling to cope. Physical treatment can have a hugely positive impact on mental health. There is always an answer that can help you reach that calm and content place again, so please reach out. It's ok to not be ok.

The sports therapy element is one that piqued my interest as a student, having spent some time working at Northampton Football Club during my degree, and has seen me come almost full circle as I now work alongside one of our most successful local teams, Rusthall Football Club, as a sports therapist for the ambitious first team squad.

I'd love to talk with you to find out how I can help you to achieve you goals and get positive results with a treatment programme created just for you - get in touch today!

Ellie x

Founder - On Point BSMT

"We’ve had the pleasure of working with Ellie over the last couple of seasons - she brings us a
wealth of knowledge and helps us to make sure that our players are at their peak in terms
of fitness and recover adequately post game and from injury.

Ellie provides her services to us on match day from the technical area as well as at training
and treats our players at her clinics in both Southborough and Rusthall."

Jimmy Anderson
First Team Manager - Rusthall FC

Image by Mor Shani


With all clients we start with a free, no-obligation consultation to get to know all about you, your health background and why you've got in touch with us. Following this, we will devise a bespoke treatment plan that takes into consideration your specific needs and goals - sometimes this is a one off treatment, but often it involves a series of sessions aimed to give you the best possible results.


Once your treatment sessions commence, we provide ongoing support looking at how you're responding, adapting the treatment path where necessary. When your treatment plan is complete, we'll undertake a detailed follow up with you to make sure we've achieved what we set out to, looking at any further sessions that are required.

Please note: whilst we are highly trained and qualified in sports and massage therapy covering a wide variety treatments, we are not medical professionals and always recommend seeing your GP if you are in physical pain. We are happy to point you in the direction of other healthcare professionals or treatment specialists if required.

As well as bespoke therapy, we offer a wide range of massage
treatments for general health and wellbeing.
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